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If you are ready to reclaim your story, then it is time to begin the process. You deserve to live your vision. Together we can energize your optimism. Explore ways to let go of fear and doubt by building your self confidence. Together we can help you formulate authentic success and develop the mindset to bring your dream to reality. Currently all individual sessions are via HIPPA compliant online videoconferencing. 

Direct: 540-699-0717

  • Spiritual Care Professional (ACPE)

  • LMHP-R (Virginia Lic. #0704011406)

Available for Seminars, Workshops and Speaking.

  • Guide Discovering Your Purpose

  • Improved Spirituality

  • Energize Your Optimism

  • Create Work/Life Balance

  • Increased Self Confidence

  • Improved Self Esteem

  • Successful Interpersonal Relationships

  • Live Your Vision

  • Develop A Mindset For Success

  • Prioritize Goals

  • Organization and Planning

  • Successful Networking

  • Improve Interpersonal Skills

  • Authentic Leadership

Therapy (Mental Health) sessions are offered online through a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform. Specializing in African American, Afro-Hispanic and Latinx cultural needs in therapy.  

  • Men's Issues

  • High Performers

  • Overachievers

  • Clergy Care

  • Grief & Loss

  • Career Challenges

  • Divorce

  • Spirituality

  • Trauma

I was in my early teens when my daddy decided to add a few new photos that he had purchased to the walls of our living room. He asked me if I thought the images made the room look better.  I looked at the framed images and told him that I could take better pictures than those he had purchased. 

A few days later, my daddy came home with a new camera and asked me what or where I wanted to take pictures for the living room walls. I hadn't given what I said much thought, but we regularly took a Sunday afternoon ride through the mountains near our home, so this is where my love of photography began. 

Yes, my photos were developed, framed, and replaced the purchased images on our living room walls. Now photography is not only my hobby, but a very important part of my self care. 

It is important to remember the things that bring you joy. 


La Guancha
Soothing Rocks
Cades Cove
Church View
Ponce Museum
Floating Bridge
Cades Cove
The Connection
Classic in Cuba
Freedom Fest
Curaçao Sunset
Horse in the Cove
Bee Still
Beaver is Watching
Under Pier
Rising Full
Green Belt Park
Historic Richmond
Momma and Baby
Leaving Bears
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